Vedoс is a solution for small businesses and small organizations. This is a “template” that fits most. Such software can be easily and quickly implemented into work of organization without any modifications.

It helps to organize a common information field and engage effective interaction between employees.

Usually for each of these tasks it is offered to use a specialized “ECM-system”, “CRM”, “BPM”, “electronic document flow system”. All these solutions are quite complicated for SMBs.

Thus, we tried to create a simple and understandable tool that will let small companies work more efficiently.

Due to the modular architecture, we use Vedoс as a “foundation” for creating individual solutions that take into account specifics of business processes of a particular company. In this case, we add a module to Vedok that automates specific features exactly as a customer requires it.


Affordable price

Up to 3 workplaces — free of charge, for 4 or more users — the price starts from $70.


All in one place

One application instead of Excel, CRM and dozens of other programs. 

Simple solution

It does not require time for its implementation, training employees takes 1 day.

Make your work more efficient with Vedoс:

  • Store all the data of customers, partners and suppliers in a single database.
  • Keep records of customer orders and create invoices for payment in two clicks.
  • Supervise work of your sales department: from the stage of customer interest to the payment.
  • Set tasks for employees and monitor the implementation.
  • Create automated document approval process.
  • Generate reports and analyze performance of every employee and the entire company as a whole.

Implementation Results

Employees perform routine tasks faster.

Data is organized, it is easy to find and store.

Business processes become transparent, results are easier to evaluate.

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What the cost for such a development?

The price of software development depends on the scale of work and is calculated individually for each project. Send us a request and tell us what you want to automate. We will contact you, discuss the details and give the project a preliminary assessment.