Order development

To develop business applications, we use the highly effective CUBA platform, tested by thousands of developers. It allows to create solutions for automating daily activities of companies with a flexible mechanism for managing users and access to data, administration tools, reports and analytics, integration with e-mail, displaying information on maps (geographic information system or GIS), and common usage of documents. It also let create such solutions quickly and inexpensively.

And also our solutions based on CUBA are “cross-platform by default”. So, they can work on any operating system (Windows, Linux / Unix, iOS, Android) and with any popular databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle).

Development Platforms and Technologies

Application Servers: Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat, WildFly.

Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Reporting Systems: YARG, Microsoft Reporting Services.

Computer Simulation and Design Tools: Microsoft Visio Development.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, CUBA-Studio.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8/10, UNIX / Linux, iOS, Android.

Programming Languages: Java, Groovy, C#, VB.Net, VBA, SQL.

Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Core, Spring Framework, EclipseLink.

How we develop

The development process is divided into several stages:

We clarify details and analyze current business processes

Before starting, we explore the intricacies of your business for understand its specifics. Due to it, the result is not only fully consistent with your current needs, but also is suitable for further scaling as your company grows.

We discuss the time and cost

Based on the results of our research and analysis, we draw up an initial technical task, that allows us to understand the approximate terms and cost of the development. Over it we reach agreement with you, make a more detailed technical task and move on to creating the program.

We develop software and test it

We break the development process into several steps, starting with the implementation of the basic functionality. At each stage we coordinate the results with you.

We help implement and provide technical support

If necessary, we train employees and prepare a documentation package for users.

What the cost for such a development?

The price of software development depends on the scale of work and is calculated individually for each project. Send us a request and tell us what you want to automate. We will contact you, discuss the details and give the project a preliminary assessment.