CS-Consulting Soft

We develop and implement

programs to solve the urgent

problems of your business!

About the company

“Ks-consulting soft” creates programs and applications for business on an individual order. With the help of our developments, companies optimize internal processes, simplify work with clients and documents, and reduce the cost of time and resources for performing the same type of tasks.

We are helpful if:

On the market there are no programs suitable for the specifics of your business
You need a simple application to solve a specific problem
It’s more profitable to order development than to adapt to a typical program

We develop software for a wide variety of organizations, helping them automate common tasks and processes:


  • accounting and organized storage;
  • maintenance and approval of contracts;
  • generating of templates for standard documents.

  Company Resource Management

  • accounting for the issuance of tools and equipment;
  • scheduling meetings and events;
  • generating of a schedule for servicing equipment.

    Customer Engagement and Sales

  • development of a common customer database;
  • electronic journal of records, including through the site;
  • history of orders and appeals.

   Work Optimization

  • setting tasks and monitoring their implementation;
  • generating reports according to specified criteria;
  • automation of document approval.

What the cost for such a development?

The price of software development depends on the scale of work and is calculated individually for each project. Send us a request and tell us what you want to automate. We will contact you, discuss the details and give the project a preliminary assessment.